Customer Relationship Management


    Managed Communication with Prospective Leads

    CRM is important for almost every business that provides monitoring on every email you send/receive and every communication you make to nurture every lead. You can quickly figure out the next move you make.

    • To attract and retain customers, the company must provide new and more innovative ways to interaction
    • Constant supervision of your sales team to increase efficiency and promptness.
    • Anytime access to resources and a flexible system can create a new level of strength for the sales team.

    Our experience with almost every industry makes us not only the developer but also the business process moderator and gives us an extra benefit of understanding their process and implementing them into the system. Our consultant spends time evaluating each client’s needs and making sure to consider all the requirements and add value to it.


    The industry sectors we served include

    • bank-notes-2448_bd66c927-7837-4dbf-bc25-d49656dfe619


      Enable superior digital experiences, by modernizing legacy systems and leveraging APIs, DevOps, and FinTech partnership ecosystem.

    • bank-cards-2445_a1e87fce-3f73-4202-9204-4ad23d9ce522


      Enable simple, frictionless, and compliant payments experience, by leveraging open API, digital payments, blockchain, and analytics.

    • coins-2452_3800c0d7-bb74-4470-909a-e107b62b50e6


      Transform your business to align to the future of the trade finance industry, by leveraging blockchain, cloud, automation, and analytics.

    • pos-terminal-2470_861790a4-85dc-4da4-b645-64e5b80247d5


      Drive operational efficiencies and improve experience, by bringing a domain-centric middle and back-office transformation approach.

    • deposit-box-2465_8d0edd4a-0865-4431-b57f-e857a350022b

      Custody and fund services

      Adopt a platform-led approach, to drive automation and reduce costs, by consuming services in an as-a-service model.

    • invoice-2474_16cf5270-ffa8-4c6e-b664-5b73fe167d57

      Risk and compliance

      Gain competitive advantage from risk & compliance efforts, with risk reporting, AML transformation, and product partners.

    Benefits to bank on

    Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

    • Business Agility

      Business growth and seasonal flexibility are easily scaled as our banking IT services adapt to the client’s needs allowing them to easily add and remove users without a headache.

    • Security and compliance

      Our clients are able to control business sensitive data and adhere to compliance mandates securely and efficiently while enabling staff to access the data when and how they need it.

    • Office mobility

      We help clients create secure applications and remote user experiences in a reliable and secure network for a mobile workforce that can extend to multiple bank branches and offsite contractors.

    • Application development

      By partnering with us. From the beginning, our managed IT support works within a set budget so our clients get exactly what their business needs without end of month surprises.

    Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started

    Our Expertise

    Development & Maintenance

    Open source CRMs

    • odooerp

      Odoo ERP

      The only platform you will ever need to help run your business: integrated apps, kept simple, and loved by millions of happy users.

    • zoho1

      ZOHO One

      Zoho One’s operating system for business, your unified suite ensures your business processes will run like clockwork.

    • microsoftdyanmics

      Microsoft Dynamics

      Provide the insights and freedom to thrive by connecting your data, processes, and teams with intelligent business applications.

    Tailored Made CRMs

    • laravel

      Laravel Development

      Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. We’ve already laid the foundation.

    • python

      Python Development

      Python is a programming language that lets you work quickly and integrate systems more effectively.

    • codeignitor

      CodeIgniter Development

      CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications.


    CRM Development with VeravalOnline Pvt Ltd.

    • Automate your sales
    • Responsive development
    • Robust Security
    • Fast performance
    • Unlimited users
    • Centralized mailbox
    • Extensive reports
    • Time & Cost-efficient


    Developed CRMs


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