Ecommerce product management refers to the process of organizing and managing the products that are sold through an online store. This includes tasks such as adding and updating product information, setting prices, managing inventory, and determining which products to feature or promote.

Effective product management is crucial for the success of an ecommerce business, as it helps to ensure that customers can easily find and purchase the products they are interested in. It can also help to increase sales and profits by optimizing product listings and pricing, and by creating and promoting products that are in high demand.

Some specific tasks that may be involved in ecommerce product management include:

Adding and updating product descriptions, images, and other information on the ecommerce website
Setting and adjusting prices for products
Managing inventory levels and restocking as needed
Analyzing sales data and customer feedback to determine which products to promote or feature
Creating and managing product categories and subcategories to help customers easily find the products they are looking for
Setting up and managing product bundles or collections
Providing customer support related to products, such as answering questions about features and availability.