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replying-business-email-queriesIn last couple of months, We have been facing so many email problems to our clients, most of them have been complaining about the email failure delivery,  delivery to the specific emails and many more which really gets most of our working time to resolve and trouble shoot email system. even we thought about to change the whole hardwares and that we did too, even we have changed our policy towards the server security but nothing helps us from the big deep blackhole.

Finally we found the solution after near about 20 days of war with the emails, we have found few bugs and some configuration that client have done by their selves. That cause many effects on the main server and finally we took everything into our hands and choose the right email system for our clients.

Now  We are confident in providing bulk email to transactional or business email to the open world, We have best options to suit your every requirements.

Bulk Email

  1. Marketing Purpose & Tracking Delivery
  2. Newsletters
  3. Website updation emails
  4. Campaign Emails
  5. Email Database

Business & Transactional emails

  1. We have our own server which provides unconditional and manageable solution to most of our users but there is a limitation of 2gb/user in every accounts means, you only can have 2gb server space on particular email. i.e. If you have 10 email accounts and you want to give each one 2gb space to the maximum than you must have atleast 30gb space
  2. Now we also have Business email/Transactional which helps users to have more than 2GB/user means you can ask for even 5gb storage per mailbox and its more than sufficient for extended users or any business
  3. By Considering large scale industries we also have guts to help and serve them with their custom requirements they can have email with their own system and can setup whole CRM onto the email.

If you need any more help or question or comments, please write to us or comment to the post we will be very happy to help you. Our email id is [email protected]

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