Installed SSL for one of the Financial website as well as for eCommerce

Few days back, client came to us and asked for the SSL, we showed them following link. Click for the SSL Certificates, and he selected the Rapid SSL, which cost him INR 3500, and than we started the Installing,

To install Rapid SSL, we need to have following control panels, which make our process faster, less than 10 mins,

  • One official Email id,
  • One official phone no
  • cPanel ID and the Password
  • WHM if needed

So here we goo, everything will be lot easy, nothing complicated though, please review our recent customer who have just using our ssl.

  • www.medgrocery.com
  • www.jasminmobile.com

Both of them are spcifically eCommerce.

If you are running eCommerce or financial websites, we recommend to have the SSL Certificate, please contact us at [email protected] for purchasing, renewing or Installing various SSL Certificate.

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