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Host your own data with your own server

Research shows that many organization are re-considering the cloud services when it comes to controlling and securing their precious business data. To make sure continuity of business process and its administration heavily rely on the technology which uses the data and analysis. The Hosted solution provides security with constant reliability and ownership of your data and intellectual property. Considering the requirement of todays companies and businesses as well as personal entities, we have a best solution which can host your data within your reach and your own physical servers so you do not need to rely on any thirdparty data centers.

Tired of Excuses of system failure  and invaded networks?
There are many executives complained about their system failure at the time of meeting or presenting to prospectives? Do you know how that happen? Normally you can not even know there are many reasons that can be happen but data centers never allowed you or give you the right information about why your system did not worked when you wanted. Our Hosted Solution gives you full control and traceability to find the issue and cure them permanently. In todays world every country runs on 24/7 Power supply, Internet Lease Lines and Internal Air Conditioned].


Features for HDS [Hosted Data Solutions]

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    User Management

    Admin can create multiple users with respective access and privileges.

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    Folder Access

    Folder can be created and assigned to individuals or group.

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    Revision and Versions

    Track who and when the last time the file accessed or modified by whom.

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    Sharing and Download

    Each file or folder can be easily downloadable and sharable with multiple option.

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    Synchronize important files and folders with your team mate.

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    Add-On Apps

    Hundreds of applications ready to install with update.

Benefits of HDS [Hosting Data Solution]

Secured your customers, documents and other crucial data.

  • Controlled Environment

    Your data is with your ownership you can have encryption on your files and folders to make them more secured.

  • Multi-Backup Solution

    Any third party backup or storage data can easily be attached.

  • Rock-Solid Infrastructure

    More then 10 years of product life-cycle with many updates and suggestios.

  • Customized Solution

    100% Flexibility on customization and integrations available.

HDS can give your business full control and constant security.Let’s get started


Increase the productivity withing 3 main areas.

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    Data Processing

    Your data is in the fully controlled environment within your reach.

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    Modern design with easy accessible option with 100% responsive design.

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    Innovation partnership

    We follow every requirements and listen everyone so we can provide extensive output covering all the aspects. So our clientele always get what they expected.


Our Sales Management Expertise

Over the years of research and experience working with multiple data centers, we have launched our won 100% inhouse datacenter  and brand Vogue Hosting LLC which is capable serving millions of customer at the same time. Offering the customized option and After sales support makes us stand out differently from other rivals in the data.


Hybrid Customers


Data Centers across the world

Our Clients are able to increase the productivity by almost double by using HDS

Pricing Starts with only INR 999/monthly


50GB with Unlimited Users
  • Xeon E3
  • 8GB RAM
  • Open Office
  • Daily Backup
  • Phone and Email Support


250GB with Unlimited users
  • Xeon E3
  • 16GB RAM
  • Open Office
  • Daily Backup
  • Phone and Email Support
  • On-Site Support


For Everyone
  • Custom
  • Customized Solution for Small to larger enterprises. We request the consultancy first and we will design the proper architecture first.
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