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Insurance Application : Live Stock / Auto / Health / Fire / Property / Life / General

Insurance Management System works live stock Insurance, Auto Insurance, Health Insurance, Pet Insurance, Fire Insurance, Marine Insurance & General Insurance. It facilitates the full insurance cycle including the certification, claims and administrations.

  • What is Live Stock Insurance : Livestock insurance covers against losses to animals. While these policies are usually meant for standard farm animals like horses, poultry, and cattle, they can also cover against losses to exotic and aquatic animals.
  • What is Auto Insurance : Auto insurance is a contract between you and the insurance company that protects you against financial loss in the event of an accident or theft. In exchange for your paying a premium, the insurance company agrees to pay your losses as outlined in your policy.

The industry sectors we served include

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    User Management

    Admin can create multiple users with respective roles and responsibilities. Each user have right to change their profile other then their login credentials.

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    Customer Management

    Customer can be registered by the various ways as well as by the admin. So respective user can see the full details of the users and its policies and claims.

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    Types of Insurance

    There will be various type of insurance to offer to the customers. Cattle Insurance, Crop Insurance, 2-Wheeler Insurance and others.

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    Policy and Certifications

    One can create various certificates and proposals by the data given to the applications on that basis the application or certificate can be generates.

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    Quality Check

    QA team can be intimated at the time of receiving the proposal and each proposal can be inspected and updated by the various QA team. Allocation is on the basis of availability

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    Claim Intimation

    One can send the claim details with live media and submit the claim for any mobile device as well as over the phone. User can also contact the respective agents and company to help their selves.

Benefits of |MS [Insurance Management System]

Our Clients are able to increase the productivity by almost double by our IMS application.

  • Transparent Process

    When you work with IMS its transparent and agile and always available for suggested reports and forecasts.

  • Security and compliance

    IMS has been following up with all the compliances and security, It is following strict guidelines for National Data Act. 

  • Hybrid Development

    The codes and development process are executed by highly trained people following strict dealines and testing process over the multiple network and hardwares.

  • Custom Development

    IMS developed by the various developers considering future updation and customization to facility every type of clients and companies as well as multiple insurances. 

IMS is your one stop solution for your Insurance Business Let’s get started


Transform your Insurance Business with 3 main area

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    Data Processing

    Your customer is your data, Our IMS app can process your data and make it available when ever you wanted.

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    Hybrid development helps to make app available on multiple devices and computers with cross browser compatibility. So one can access anytime, they want.

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    Innovation partnership

    We follow every requirements and listen everyone so we can provide extensive output covering all the aspects. So our clientele always get what they expected.


Our Insurance Expertise

VeravalOnline Pvt Ltd. works with insurance sector since 5 years. Our expertise are: complex insurance, Claim registration process, Certifications and Intimations. Each solutions that we have developed for Insurance sector are unique and can help from small insurance agents, corporates as well as to the oranizations.


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