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Add New Plugin is not visible in Dashboard

Another issue with WordPress? No worries, we all have experience problems with every frame work so WordPress is not the new one. Lets fix how to fix where we are not able to add new plugin or even a theme, Simp...

Blog Case Study WordPress

How to Delete Spam Comments (All Comments)

As WordPress is well-known CMS framework there are many of us who requires to maintain and keep secure their wordpress sites. One of the reason is to make sure to protect from spam comments and Boat Comments an...

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Multiple Blogs on Single Setup – WordPress – WPMU

When you are setting up the WPMU on single WordPress setup following things should be very initiated : 1 – Setup the Network for Multisite by updating the wp-config, simply add the bellowed code before &#...

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Choosing Payment Gateway

Today is the day December 19th, 2014, and i m trying to get best payment gateway for my clients, What i have in my mind is there are few options as the client is in India. CC Avenue Lets start w...

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Digital Signature

We have started our new service for Digital Signature: for any requirement, please send any inquiry at [email protected]

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  A matrimonial website, having the great concept of our client, we have done great job, in the begining client was unsatisfied but later on he got the best even un-expected but we said we will make the be...

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Mobile Website Interface

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