Top 7 Ways to Market on Social Media

The early 2000s saw the introduction of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and thereafter, many other social media companies followed suit and came into being. But who knew that this idea of ‘social media’ that was launched as a means to better connect and communicate with people would grow to become such a powerful business tool. Stats around social media’s use for the purpose of business state that “A whopping 93% of marketers worldwide are using social media business” (Source: Most bloggers, brands and small businesses have been utilising social media to market themselves. This has given rise to the concept of ‘Social Media Marketing’.

Social Media Marketing is now fundamental to every brand and creator, in order for them to run their businesses successfully. This is because social media has made reachability very easy and has given people innovative tools to build up their business value.
We are sure that by now you must have realised that social media is actually a game-changing tool for businesses. For years to come, it is surely going to be the knight in shining armour for everyone looking to cash on and build an expansive credible identity on the internet. So if you are looking to grow big through your social media page then now is the time to do it and we have the best tips to help guide you on this journey!

• Make it interactive:
You must engage your audiences beyond the stage of product awareness. While it is important to make sure that your audiences know what you are selling or what your business is all about through direct ad posts on your social media. It is even more essential that you make all these information-based product postings interactive. Use the in-built tools of these platforms like stories, polls, question-answer formats to create posts and make your audiences participate in knowing your brand!

• Call-To-Action messaging:
It is important that when you are crafting your posts and messages, you write effective CTAs. When viewers just look at your brand’s posts that informs them about the product, then it can get boring and repetitive over a period of few days. So you must keep in mind that the wordings being used in your posts invite the audiences to further engage with the posts and take action.

• Give a personal touch:
When you think of a brand, you definitely think of the value it will create. But it is important to know that the value is only generated when your customers feel that they are valued too. This value is created by forming posts that help the audiences feel connected with the brand, and this goes beyond product awareness or ads. For example, you could do Monday check-ins, ask for opinions, share a video message from the owner and even post a personal video that takes your audiences through your company’s journey.

• Share on groups
An important way of growing your reach and following is by sharing your work on different groups on social media platforms. Find groups that has people who are looking for products that you sell or are in the same niche of business as you are. This will allow you to better connect and advance your business prospects.

• Affiliate marketing
You must use affiliate marketing in a smart way. If you are a blogger, then you can reach out to brands and pitch to them the ways in which you can promote their products to your audiences, in return for a commission. If you are a business, then you can reach out to bloggers and social media personalities to introduce and promote your products to their audiences. This is a mutually beneficial situation that creates better sales, if used correctly.

• Create effective content
Content creation is not just about creating random regular posts. Just filling up your audiences’ feed with posts each hour of the day is not the right way of managing your social media. It is imperative that you design your posts in a manner that it represents the brand’s voice clearly. When there is a distinct aesthetic to your content design, you will see that your audience will visit your page even more. The idea is to make posts in a consistent manner, a few times a month to keep your audiences connected without overwhelming them.

• Offer solutions
Most users of social media seek tips and tricks or solutions when surfing on the internet. It is therefore, a great practice to incorporate solution-based interactive posts in your social media marketing plan. For example, you could share some ways in which your audiences could use the products that you are selling. This is a great tool to add value to your customers beyond what every business offers.

“73.3% of people purchase items or services because of social media” (Source: and we can guarantee that if you are able to understand and execute these tips for your social media postings, then you will surely gain some great traction. This will eventually help you in expanding your viewership, readership and customer-base. Thereby, you will be able to further your business goals by generating more leads and conversions, all through a smart social media plan!


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