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New Payment Gateway with VeravalOnline Incl

Working many payment gateways, we have conclude that 2checkout is very easy to integration, something like paypal, but yes, charges are so high when you are into real business, real business means when you have to consider every paisa/penny/cents are important.

Its like yes, sometime you have no choice but to take the payment with clients comfortness, and thats where you loose money by paying big chunk of money which is quite smilar to our affiliate sales. As Paypal takes 5% around while CC Avenue varies from 2 when you have big number of transaction otherwise 7%, which seems like a quite big #.

but here with VeravalOnline Incl,  2checkout takes around 5% + Transaction charge, no option but its like no choice…

Enjoy the new payment gateway with VeravalOnline Incl, we accept all types of credit/debit Visa cards on every currency, and Master card only with the USD. That means we can accept any Debit/Credit Visa Cards, but if you like to pay by the master card, you have to pay in the USD.

Simple isnt it,


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