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Online Marketing Management

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Veravalonline can help you manage your online promotions. As an industry, internet marketing is less than 10 years old and is very fluid. You need to understand and adapt your marketing as changes arise. A comprehensive online marketing campaign can drive a lot of qualified traffic to your website and determine whether the internet is a profitable marketing channel for you.

Visitor Tracking

How many people are visiting your site? Which pages are they looking at? What keywords did they use to find you? These are the questions we can answer with visitor tracking. Most importantly, visitor tracking records the referring website so you know where your visitors came from and if your marketing dollars are producing results.

Our web hosting packages include basic visitor reports based on server records. For low volume, non-commerce sites this is fine. For eCommerce sites, I recommend that you use software based visitor tracking. Code inserted on every page of the website updates a cookie written to the visitor’s computer that allows us to track them as they move through the website. Software-based tracking also allows us to follow visitors from ads. We can track a visitor from a paid ad to the site, and all way through the shopping cart. You can then determine how much revenue each ad produced.

Website Updates & Maintenance

Your business isn’t static and your website shouldn’t be either. You want to add new products, change descriptions, add features, and generally improve as time goes by. Monitoring, maintaining, improving your website is an ongoing process. After your website is complete, Blue Avenue Design can continue to maintain your website and manage your online promotions.

Monthly Reporting

Every month I can provide you with an Executive Summary telling you how your website is doing. Are more people coming to the site? Is the new marketing effective? Are people finding the new products? I give you an easy-to-use ROI report that has all the relevant numbers as well as keeps you up-to-date on search engine news that can affect you.

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