A DSL modem wireless router exists for just one main purpose and that to substitute both DSL modems and wireless routers with a single device that can do all of the functions that both devices can do. Some advantages of getting DSL modem wireless routers include the better saving of room space, less time and effort needed for configuring and troubleshooting, and cleaner room setup overall. Since a DSL modem needs to transmit data to the wireless router before finally reaching the units, DSL modem wireless routers can transmit data to units at faster speeds.

Dsl Modem Wireless Router

However, just because DSL modem best wireless routers have the same functionalities as the devices, you are about to replace doesn’t mean that you should sell your existing devices and head to your nearest store and buy a DSL modem wireless router replacement. That can be risky especially if you don’t know what brand to get and you may find yourself without the internet if you don’t know how to correctly configure your ISP using the new wireless router.

Before you even visit your local computer store, consult your Internet Service Provider and ask if they have any DSL modem wireless routers available. If they don’t have, you can also try asking your ISP for some advice on what DSL modem wireless router to get. Some ISPs may not allow the use of DSL modem wireless routers at all due to some special settings found within the DSL modem that were included in their package. If that’s the case, you are better off leaving your current setup as is.

But if you want to go on still and buy yourself a DSL modem wireless router, then you should take 2 other precautions to lessen the risk and find alternative uses for it if the wireless router doesn’t work well with your ISP in the end. The first thing you should do is check the specs of the DSL modem wireless router and see if it matches up with the features of your current DSL modem and regular wireless router. Some advanced routers have additional features like storage space and better transmission speeds making the deal much more worth it. Just make sure all the features are present so set up won’t be much of a hassle.

Don’t forget to search online for the wireless router you want to get and be on the lookout for reviews from other users to see if the product works and if it serves as a great replacement to their old setups. This will give you a better idea on which router to get and avoid disappointments.

It is also a good idea to take note of your old router and modem settings before making that big switch. If all goes well, you should be having a cleaner room setup with a faster internet connection. For more tips on DSL modem wireless routers, go to http://dslmodemwirelessrouter.com/ and find out which DSL modem wireless router is best for you.

Connect a Dsl to a Linksys Wireless B Router

Obviously, you can remove the Cat 5 after the wireless is enabled. Now it will be a little different regarding addressing if you have a modem/router combo instead of just a DSL modem given to you by your ISP.

Wireless DSL Modem/Router

Description, Like new, Bell 2Wire Wireless DSL modem/router. Futureshop has it for $99 plus tax. Some other guy on used Ottawa selling it for $130.

Wireless Router Trouble

Using the Westell Dsl modem, I hook up my Linksys wrt54gs wireless router to the ethernet cable. The “internet” and the “#1 port” lights are lit.

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