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Web Design Work Flow Part 3

Phase 3 Review of Finalized Information and Launch of Development

3.1 Finalization Meeting or Check In

If the website is fairly large or complex, the project coordinator will schedule a phone meeting to go over all of the intake information, content, pictures, videos, features, wire frame, and mockup ups to make sure everything is finalized and that no changes should be requested once we enter into development. Although the process to finalize all materials, content, and design before moving into development seems like a pain in the butt, it streamlines the process and makes for a VERY streamlined website build.

Our goal is to stream line this process and it will not work well unless you sign off on required materials, feature request, content, framework and design before moving into development. Please note that if you finalize all instructions and materials before development and we enter into development and then you make further revisions outside of the initial scope or add additional content we have a fee of $100 just to accept those additional requests on top of the time to fulfill those requests.

3.2 Development

The team will start development and will be in touch once the website is complete on the development server. The development consists of placing the design mockups into the actual website framework (if custom build), installing and configuring all plugins, uploading the content, and completing any additional features requested. The team should have no reason to be in touch during the time in development because they should have all the information and guidance they need.

3.3 Presentation of the Live Website

Once the development team has completed the website the project coordinator will notify you and ask you to review the website and get back to them on any revisions needed. At this point in time, the revision request should contain documented errors more than anything else. The goal is that no revision is required, but no one is perfect and “revisions happen”. New features and changes to design should not occur at this point in time. The review of the live website should be primarily for checking functionality and approving it as a finalized product. Once finalized the design team will move the website to the respective hosting environment. Keep in mind that if the website requires a DNS change for the primary website to show up live, then this can take up to 48 hours for DNS propagation.

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