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Web Design Work Flow

The below outline will help you to understand our web design workflow.  It is important for you to understand the steps involved in building your website so we can complete your project in a timely manner

Phase 1 Establishing Pages and Gathering Content

Establishing Pages

You will need to choose what pages you want on your website, what those pages will be called and how they will show up in the navigation. For instance a typical website has a homepage, about us page, contact us page, and a services or products page. We will work with you to establish what pages you need on your website and how to best organize those within the website navigation.

Gathering Content for the Pages

Content exists in the form of written content for the website, pictures and videos. Unless we are being paid to write the content and choose the pictures, then the content needs to be supplied at this point in time along with all of the pictures and the videos. If we are going to write the content and buy/find the pictures, then we will write the content and gather the pictures, send them to you, and get final approval on them before we move forward into development. The written content on your website is very important, so if you require us to write the content for you please give us as much instruction as you can.

Finalizing Additional Features

If you requested features such as the ones bulleted below, we need to review and finalize these before we move into development.

  • Membership Components
  • Ecommerce Functions (including shopping cart)
  • Mobile Website
  • Social Media Design (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)
  • Additional WordPress Plugins
  • Misc Additional Customizations or Features

The above must be well documented and all features understood. We do not engage in custom database work or core modifications (PHP) to the WordPress CMS. Similarly, with plugins we do not modify how they operate. Therefore if plugs are used from social media plugins, shopping cart plugins to mobile plugins, we will help to configure them to an agreed extent, but we do not dive into development to change the way they operate. As a result of this, it is important that you understand the capabilities of the “add ons”, “features”, and plugins because their functionality is already defined.

Phase 2 Choosing the Wire-frame and Mock Ups

Finalizing the Blueprint of the Website
Mock Ups and Finalizing the Design

Phase 3 Review of Finalized Information and Launch of Development

Finalization Meeting or Check In
Presentation of the Live Website

We continue other points in next article.

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